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International Removals

Since its beginning, ORDEM played a key role in the area of international removals. Many international organizations as well as a certain number of multinationals trust in us. Ordem is the guarantee of a door-to-door move with high quality standards, and services that respect the environment. Ordem is a must for any company or private organization that is moving or relocates to another country.

Conditions Générales Agents maritimes
(CG SPEDLOGSWISS Agents maritimes)
AB SPEDLOGSWISS Reedereiagenten (2005) deutsch
CG SPEDLOGSWISS Agents maritimes (2005) français
CG SPEDLOGSWISS Agenti marittimi (2005) italiano
GC SPEDLOGSWISS Shipping Agents (2005) english
Conditions Générales (CG SPEDLOGSWISS)
AB SPEDLOGSWISS (2005) deutsch
CG SPEDLOGSWISS (2005) français
CG SPEDLOGSWISS (2005) italiano
GC SPEDLOGSWISS (2005) english