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Storage Warehouse

Three storage warehouses are available. In Crassier, Switzerland, for residents of Geneva, Nyon and the entire region of the Coast of Vaud, as well as for those in Broc, Bulle, Fribourg and all the Gruyère region and its surroundings. In Prévessin, France, for the entire Gex region.

Your belongings are precious. We keep them in a secure environment and tempered in individual storage units.

We also offer maximum flexibility in either the duration or the amount of storage to be store. The actual start of the period of storage occurs only on the 1st or 31st of each month. With Ordem, you only pay for the actual duration of the storage and not per whole month, or a predetermined duration previously determined.

Conditions Générales Entreposage
AB SPEDLOGSWISS Lager (2001) deutsch
CG SPEDLOGSWISS Entreposage (2001) français
CG SPEDLOGSWISS deposito/magazzinaggio (2001) italiano
GC SPEDLOGSWISS Warehousing (2001) english