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Types of Packaging
Moving by local or national mover truck

If conventional furniture is packed in woollen blankets, they must be empty. Fragile furniture, glass, mirrors, and antiques are protected by special packaging. All items are packed in strong cardboard boxes, padded/protected from the dirt and stain and then covered in plastic sheets. Mirrors, tables, lamps, chandeliers are packed with woolen blankets and in appropriate boxes.

International removals by road mover truck

The packaging is the same as a local move because the risks do not increase with distance only the handling and rigging increases. Our movers are all experienced professionals who have mastered the art of perfect handling and padding. Of course, depending on the goods carried, particular attention is paid to furniture and other fragile objects of value.

Depending on the destination a semi-maritime package will be needed to ensure a smooth, no hassle, removal.

International Removal by sea:

Everything is packed, furniture that can be dismantled is, and each piece is individually packed in cartons or under tear-proof bubble packaging that efficiently protect all the furniture, including the edges and corners. Each carton, package or object, item is numbered and inventoried on a packing list.

Shipments of a few cubic meters are crated, which will travel in a larger maritime container. While more substantial shipments are directly loaded into the maritime container.

Moving / Shipment by Air:

Though the packaging is identical to maritime packaging, adapted boxes and crates for aircraft are used instead of wooden crates or steel containers . If we use standard air boxes, specially designed for the air transport, taking into account the dimensions and volume of the aircraft, we also manufacture cardboard boxes highly resistant to impact and weather which can be used for all items and bulky furniture.

Moving Offices:

Personal effects are placed in boxes. Particular care is taken to IT items that have specific packaging. The professionalism of our personnel in the dismantling and reassembling of the furniture and IT equipment makes sure that the office can be quickly operational again.

Regular Goods and Dangerous, Regulated Goods

Too many accidents and disasters are the result of improper packaging and transportation.

Specific and stringent regulations are in force concerning this type of transport. We have qualified staff that meets these requirements. The staff receives specific and continued training in this area, and is regularly monitored both professionally and medically.

Depending on the product, we provide adequate packaging and packing in done in accordance with the legal regulations, whether by land, sea or air.

Packing of Goods, Instruments, and Works of Art

Our expert packers are able to provide excellent quality packaging for all types of equipment, precision instruments, and works of art - that it be a very delicate, tiny device, or part of several tons of material.

Vacuum Packaging:

To avoid problems with moisture and dust, a special thermo welded vacuum foil packaging is required. Our specialists will advise you and carry out with eas this work