Aux quatre coins du monde

Car Transportation

Exceptional and Collector’s Cars, or Cars by Passion Call to ORDEM, our specialists will put their experience and skills at your service.

Several solutions are possible:

  • The economical solution, suitable for second-hand cars: in RORO (Roll-on/roll-off). The car is taken to the port of shipment by rail and is loaded into the hold of the ship.
  • The solution ensuring maximum security: in a maritime container after a complete control of the state of the vehicle, it is loaded and stowed at our depots or at the Geneva terminal, in a maritime container and all the travel is, as if the car does not leave its closed and sealed garage.
  • The urgent solution, or for vehicles of exception: by air The car is loaded and stowed on an IATA aircraft pallet and it travels either in the hold of an aircraft, or by a cargo aircraft.

For most countries, the importation of vehicles is regulated. Through our network of agents, our staff is able to inform you about the regulations in force, in the country of import concerned.